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Sharpening knives and tools on your own can be inexact and a hassle. Oftentimes, a good knife or tool is thrown away and replaced when all it needed was a good sharpening. Honed In eliminates the uncertainty of home sharpening and the expense of purchasing new blades.

A well-sharpened knife or tool requires far less pressure to do the job it was designed to do. Yet the benefits don’t stop there. Keeping your knives and blades professionally sharpened not only allows you to work more efficiently, it ensures your equipment will last longer.

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  • Minimize sharpening risks for you and your employees
  • Consistency
  • More appealing food presentation – stop smashing tomatoes!
  • Prevent foodborne illness caused by unsanitary cutting edges
  • Reduced risk of inspection violations for commercial partners
  • Reliable, cost effective, convenient service
  • Regularity – like changing your oil in your car, you should have knives re-sharpened periodically – we can help!