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Kitchen Scissors$5
Fabric Scissors$10
Grooming Scissors$20
Lawn and Garden Tools$7
Mower Blades$8
Electric Grooming Clippers$10
Straight Razor$8
Paper Cutters, Swords, Machetes$1 Per Inch
Surgical/DentalContact for Quote
Handsaws $12.50
Circular Saw Blades$13.75 Plus $0.10 Per Tooth – Minimum $15.75 Per Saw Blade
Router Bits$7.50
Router Bits with Bearings$7.75
Up or Down Spirals - 2-Flute$17.75
Compression 2-Flute $19.75
Compression 3-Flute $22.75
Compression 4-Flute $24.75
Planer and Jointer Knives$0.75 Per Inch
Stile & Rail Sets$57.50 Per Set
2-Wing Shapers $17.50
3-Wing Shapers $19.75
4-Wing Shapers $24.50
5-Wing Shapers $27.75